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Jay and Jennifer Styron, Carolina Mariculture co.

Carolina Mariculture Co., owned and operated by Jay and Jennifer Styron, is a small, family owned, oyster farm located on Cedar Island, NC.  We raise oysters using mariculture practices: we buy our seed from a hatchery and raise them to market size in floating cages on our lease in Core Sound.


We specialize in growing single oysters as opposed to clusters or doubles.  Our oysters are uniform in size and shape with a deep cup, perfect for serving on the half shell. Due to our farming practices, our oysters can be enjoyed year round - No more eating them only in months with an “R”.

Since approximately 75% of the oysters consumed in NC are imported from other states, we hope that you will “buy local” and support the retailers that provide you with local product.


You can learn more about Carolina Mariculture on the following PBS links:

North Carolina Now - Bob Garner visits Carolina Mariculture

(Carolina Mariculture starts 10 minutes into the video)

A Chef's Life - Season 1 - The World Is Your Oyster


Flavor NC - Season 2 - Carolina Mariculture





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